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Pamper Your Spirit – Relax Your Soul - Courses and workshops

Inspiration, fun, and manifesting…

Would you like to reconnect with your creativity, your Source, your inner Goddess, your passion?

Would you like to have some fun exploring your masks and painting them on your face like a kid?

Would you like to delve deeper into healing and relaxing energies, manifesting dreams and goals?

Would you like to make like Monty Python and go for something completely different?

Well, then, come on over and join in on one of our workshops, courses, or meetings! We’d love to have you!

Inspiration, insight and creativity

Workshop Numerology
Find out loads about yourself, your Life Path, talents and hurdles. And do the same for others you’re curious about! ;-)

Workshop “Paint Your True Face”
Explore the masks you wear in a guided visualisation and paint them on!

Meditation workshop “Connecting to Your Source”
Learn basic meditation techniques and how to draw scattered energies back into yourself, so you can draw from your Source to create your world and contribute to others – as a choice!

Workshop “Connecting to the Goddess Within You”
Connect to the power of your Sacred Feminine and revel in it!

Workshop and coaching “Connecting to Your Passion”
Looking at your life, find out what your passion is. See how it has always spoken to you – make those whispers shout!

Guided meditation and visualisation
Go inside, into a new world and see wondrous things that can guide you and help you on your life path…

Relaxation, healing and peace

Reiki 1
Learn how to channel the relaxing, revitalising and healing Reiki energy for treating yourself – and others!

Reiki 2
After Reiki 1, expand your possibilities by learning how to send healing over time and space, how to protect yourself and others, and how to work with powerful symbols.

Reiki ART (Master Practitioner)
After Reiki 2, put the Master energies into your own Reiki tool kit, and work with crystals, power mediations, and aura clearing!

Reiki Master (Master Teacher)
If you feel called to teach, call me! ;-) and we’ll explore how your Reiki Master path will work for you. This is a personal path and will therefore be completely made to measure.

Workshop Reiki combined with pendulum dowsing and/or crystals
Have some fun combining Reiki with other healing methods.

Karuna Reiki
Healing and manifesting on so many levels…

Karuna Reiki 1
Adding onto ‘traditional’ Reiki, Karuna 1 gives you more symbols and so more tools to go in, heal, and fill with loving light – at a deeper level.
Open to Reiki Master Practitioner (completed at least 6 months ago)

Karuna Reiki 2
Going on from Karuna 1, this level is about manifesting yourself, goals and dreams, and taking care of internal obstacles that get in the way.
Open to Reiki Master Practitioner (completed at least 6 months ago) at Karuna level 1

Karuna Reiki Master
Go all the way: learn how to teach this great stuff! Your understanding and awareness will flow even more than with the first two levels.
Open to Reiki Master Teacher (completed at least 6 months ago);

N.B.: all Karuna workshops can be taught separately or together, depending on the level of the student. So for example, Karuna 1 and 2 can be done in one weekend, which is actually preferable. And the full Master Degree can be done in three days, which is also recommended.
Taking levels together will result in a discount of € 50 on the combined price.

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