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Tailor-made Tours, Excursions and Adventures in Egypt


Do you have your own very specific idea of what your trip to Egypt should encompass?
We have done tailor-mades for many clients now, much to their satisfaction.
If you would like to see some sample programmes, please click Here...

If you want to travel with your own group or family and want a programme tailored just to suit your needs, we are here for you.
Even if you do not know exactly what you would like to do and see yet, we can help.

Here are some questions that you can consider and answer for us, and then we can put some suggestions together for you:

How many weeks or days do you want to travel in Egypt?
Are you mainly interested in:

Ancient Egyptian sites? Any specific period, place or Pharaonic ruler?
Current Egyptian life? City or traditional? Are you willing to go off the beaten track to see this?
Desert tours (visiting the amazing Western Desert of Egypt and its remarkable oases, antiquities and natural beauty)?
Just seeing the main highlights for the first-time visitor or
Also (or mainly) seeing the more out-of-the-way places?
Climbing the Theban Mountain, walking its Wadis etc?
Sunset rides through local villages on donkeys, camels, etc?
Felucca (sailing boats) rides? Lazily enjoying the beauty of the Nile around Luxor or Aswan or even a few days sailing between these two cities (not for the fussy-minded)?
A voyage on a dahabeeya, the luxurious old houseboat sailing vessels?
A Nile cruise or a Lake Nasser cruise?
Guided shopping for authentic souvenirs at the best possible price (not (just) the touristic stuff)?

Will there be children in your party? If so, how old are they?
Do you want guiding/explanation when visiting the sites? If so, is English okay?
What kind of budget are you thinking of for hotels?
What kind of budget are you thinking of for trips and excursions?
What kind of total budget (per person) are you thinking of?
Do you want a fully packed programme or some days of rest too?
Do you have any other specific requests, needs or requirements?
Is there any other (personal) information that we should take into account?

A tailor-made programme is a perfect solution if you are travelling with your family, partner or friends. If you want to do your own thing, go your own way and not be hampered by the demands and delays of a large group or herded about like a huge crowd of sheep.
It’s also perfect for those special occasions that you’d like to celebrate with your own special party of loved ones: honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, big birthdays, group jubilees etc.

If you look at our sample programmes, you will see that they can encompass anything from the major highlights of Ancient Egyptian civilisation to the off-the-beaten-path places where tourists very seldom go. That is another big benefit of a tailor-made holiday in Egypt, as most ready-made programmes by the major tour operators follow a standard programme, and that may not suit your wishes.

As you may have seen, the main focus of our website and activities are the more off-the-beaten-track excursions and trips, but in our tailor-mades we often do a combination of those and the major Egyptian tourist highlights.
So if this is your first journey to Egypt and you definitely want to see the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and the Temples of Karnak and Abu Simbel, but you don’t want to do just the standardised programme and miss all the special, hidden treasures scattered all over Egypt, contact us and we will do our utmost to put it all together exactly the way you want it, at a manageable cost.

We hope to travel with you soon!

If you send us a query with your ideas about the questions listed above, we can put together a programme suggestion that is uniquely tailored to your needs.
And then we can take it from there!


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